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Look At What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying About Us!

“I went to see Dawit for neck and back pain. There was definite improvement in my neck and back, but the amazing thing was that he helped me with so many other things! My blood pressure has gone down. Even while on insulin, my blood sugar stayed high. My doctor couldn’t figure out why. After starting my treatments with Dawit, my blood sugar normalized and my doctor was amazed. Having Hepatitis C, I suffered with liver pain and fatigue. I no longer have pain in my liver and my energy is great! Not to mention I’ve lost 15 lbs. I can’t thank him enough for his help.”


“After some research on the internet, I read about how Chinese medicine can help with gynecological disorders. I had been having painful, irregular periods with pms. The pain would be so bad sometimes that I would need to stay home from work. After starting acupuncture and herbs, I feel much better. The severe cramping is gone and my cycle is regular. I feel better emotionally as well. Dawit really explained a lot about how stress affects my cycle and I feel a lot more informed now about my body.”

Lisa C.

“I initially started treatment for body aches and fatigue and was delighted when only after a few weeks of treatment, Dawit had relieved symptoms for a myriad of other issues. Not only did I have more energy and less aches and pains but my circulation improved alleviating the cold tingling sensations I used to have in my hands and feet. I work in front of a computer each day and the tension headaches that I had most afternoons completely went away once I started treatment. Working with Dawit was a very positive experience as he always took time to discuss each issue and review the approach he was taking to provide relief.”

Christin E.

“Dawit has helped with my neuropathy. Being HIV positive, I experienced tingling, numbness and pain in my legs due to the HIV meds. My legs are feeling a lot better now. The pain is about 90% better. Another side benefit is that my asthma and wheezing is almost gone. I can’t explain how nice it is to breathe effortlessly.”


“I was suffering from Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. My immune system was so sensitive and I got constant migraines. I had pain all over and I was always tired. I also had trouble sleeping. Dawit explained to me how I burnt myself out through excessive work and stress. He did acupuncture, energy work and massage on me. I felt like a new person whenever he worked on my feet. I would feel energized, but relaxed. After a few sessions, I noticed a mark improvement in my pain and energy. Plus, my migraines have decreased dramatically. I am glad to have come across such a gifted practitioner.”

Chere T.

“Having had a stroke and not happy with the results of physical therapy, I decided to try acupuncture. I have regained a lot of use of my affected side. And I’ve lost weight and my self esteem is higher. He makes me feel alive again!”

Antonio E.

“Being unhappy with western medicine treatment for my IBS, I thought I would try acupuncture. I often had pain with other severe digestive problems. My pain is much better and I can eat in public now without having to run to the bathroom afterwards. Dawit’s treatments definitely helped, but he also taught me how to manage stress better and recommended dietary changes which have really helped.”

Jennifer B.

“I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in October 2006. It began in September with left sided numbness from my left eye all the down to my left foot. I experienced loss of balance and coordination, having trouble walking and grasping things with my left hand. My energy level was extremely low, having trouble doing much more than getting out of bed to lay on the couch. I lost total eyesight in my left eye. After spending a week in the hospital I didn’t notice much improvement. Depression was a big part of the problem and I had trouble wearing shoes. I began Tong Ren and acupuncture treatment in January 2007. Within a few treatments I noticed a major improvement in my emotions. I was able to wear shoes throughout the day and my coordination improved enough to play basketball. My eyesight gradually got better throughout the month and a half of treatments. My energy level and concentration improved enough so that I could go back to work for a few hours a week. Currently I am back to full time work and exercising everyday. The pain in my feet is down to slight numbness and I am happier than I was even before starting treatment. To say that I would recommend Tong Ren is an understatement. I am very appreciative of all it has had to offer me, giving me a second chance on living a “normal” life.”


“Dawit is a true healer. I have been going to him for only a few months and the benefits are many. 1) Improved sleep 2) Higher sustained energy level 3) Reduction in medications 4) Eliminated dizziness which in the beginning of treatment was pronounced.”

Bruce L

“Due to back pain, I was considering having back surgery, but thought I would try acupuncture before doing that. After a few sessions, my back is much better. I’m grateful that acupuncture has helped me avoid surgery.”

Dave H.

“After being diagnosed with vertigo and taking western medication, I thought I’d give acupuncture a try. The meds didn’t seem to help like I would like. After starting acupuncture, I am now able to get close to my normal routine. One big improvement was being able to take the subway again. I had a deep fear of riding the subway because I would feel trapped and physically sick. I’m doing so much better and I just keep getting better. I feel like he combines different therapies to help me improve better. I especially like the energy work he does.”

Christine P.

“Due to complications with HIV, I developed Kaposi’s sarcoma, a type of skin cancer. I did radiation and changed medication and it seemed to help, but I still had lots of reddish/purple spots all over my legs. My leg was always hot and swollen. It was always stiff. I started acupuncture with Dawit and my leg has gotten a lot better. My leg is no longer swollen and it’s almost the same size as my other leg now. The red/purple spots are disappearing and my leg isn’t hot anymore. Whenever Dawit works on me, I feel lots of energy moving around my leg. All I know is that my leg is much better. I even started wearing shorts again.”


“I came in because of hot flashes. I had trouble sleeping and would wake up with night sweats due to menopause. With all the controversy about over HRT’s, I wanted to avoid such therapy. Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine have really helped. The frequency and intensity of my hot flashes have decreased dramatically. I definitely recommend acupuncture for menopause symptoms.”

Susan M.

I’ve been suffering from Interstitial Cystitis and I have looked everywhere for relief. I noticed a big difference post treatment with Dawit. He gave me a diet plan, encouraged me to manage my stress levels, gave me some supplements and I have seen a remarkable improvement. After suffering for so many years, I can finally do activities without worrying about running to the bathroom constantly. Thank you Dawit!

Adrian R.

I came in with frozen shoulder and seeing Dawit really helped a lot. Unwinding my shoulder was no easy feet and it was painful but it was worth it. I can now move my shoulder with no pain. Dawit also helped with my acid reflux. He told me how to eat and what to eat and did Acupuncture/Herbs and I’ve been off meds for 6 months now. I thought Acupuncture only helped with pain.

Howard B.

I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst again after the last one ruptured and had me in excruciating pain in the emergency room. I really didn’t want to experience that again! I called Dawit and he seemed pretty confident that he could help. I was skeptical but after 3 months of Acupuncture and Herbs, I went back to get an ultrasound and the cyst was gone. Needless to say I was ecstatic. I don’t see him much now but I do go back for tune ups to make sure it doesn’t pop up again.

Jennifer C.

I’ve had chronic asthma for years and this past winter it was horrible. The temperature was so cold that it severely affected my breathing. I noticed a significant improvement after the first treatment. After 3 months of Acupuncture and Herbal treatment I barely use my inhaler. If you suffer from asthma or allergies you should see Dawit. He can help you!

Fred P.

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