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Chronic Fatigue (CF) and Fibromyalgia are two conditions I see in the clinic very often. These conditions can definitely be helped with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Reflexology as well as Tong Ren Therapy. CF and Fibro usually affects women and can be very debilitating. Usually if you ask the patient about their history, you will see that they have a history of overwork, over stress, over worry, just plain overwhelmed. They have a history of pushing their body’s to limits that they should not have pushed it.
You see when you constantly put your body under a lot stress or pressure, your body is staying sympathetic nervous mode (flight or fight). You are only suppose to be in this mode when you are in danger. For example, you would release a lot adrenaline and stress hormone when you are being attacked by a bear. In this case, you would either run (flight) for your life or fight for your life. However, many people are in sympathetic mode when they are at work typing behind the computer even when there is no eminent danger.
In order to heal you must be in parasympathetic mode (resting, digesting, healing). CF and Fibro can also be categorized under Adrenal Fatigue as the symptoms can generally be the same. When the adrenals are weak, it’s like your battery is weak. In order to heal, we must charge your batter. Healing your body form CF and Fibro takes time and you must be willing to make lifestyle changes. I always ask my patients to help me help you! I often give the analogy that a CF and Fibro patient is like a car on the highway going 100mph with an empty tank. The car needs to pull over, fill up the tank and get back on the highway and go like 55mph. Basically, you need to rest and pace yourself to restore your body to health. If any health care practitioner does not tell you this, do not see them. Most patients with CF and Fibro notice wonderful changes in their energy as well as reduced pain with treatment and lifestyle change.

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