Learning to Relax

The effects of stress are, unfortunately, not recognized until the manifestation is shown in the body/mind through disease. This manifestation is usually shown in some type of pain, discomfort or disease. Now many of us can do many things to help maintain a certain level of relaxation. Of course, a proper diet, exercise and sleep are important and I cover that in some of the other articles that I’ve written but we should also understand stress and it’s impact on the body/mind.
We usually stress about three things in life. Health, relationships (with family, friends or significant other) and finances/work are usually the big stresses in our lives. Other times, we just put too much on our plate and we feel overwhelmed. Besides that, our psychological outlook plays an important role on our stress levels. You can give two people the same stimuli/stress and they’ll have two different reactions to it. One will handle stress in a calm manner and the other will handle stress in a stressed out manner. Many of us stress about things that are out of our control. We also stress about trivial things that we’ll have no memory of when we’re old looking back at our lives in our rocking chair. Acceptance and letting go will go a long ways to living a more peaceful life. We cannot control other peoples behavior. We can only control our reaction to people and events that happen around us.
Others of us are so used to moving quickly and living a fast paced life that stress seems like the norm. We create schedules that are overwhelming to our mental, emotional and physical bodies. Now having goals and getting things done are important, otherwise we would be stagnant. However, when life becomes all about trying to get somewhere and achieve some status then we can no longer stop and smell the roses. Then life is no longer fun and we are under constant stress. Often times this stress is on a subconscious level. So learn to create a schedule that is practical and attainable.
One of my teachers says that the turtle lives for a thousand years because it moves slow. So many people rush from one place to another. Learn to move at a pace which is comfortable and relaxing. Take the necessary steps to make your work environment one which is fulfilling and enjoyable. Make your family life one in which you make sacrifices for your family but still take care of yourself. Keeping yourself happy will mean a happier home. Of course many people say to me that, “its much easier said than done”. My reply is, “what is the alternative”. To stay under constant stress and be unhappy is the only alternative and no one will stop you from staying in that place except yourself. For me, the alternative is just not acceptable if I want to live the life I envision for myself. Ultimately, if you push your body/mind too hard for too long, it will break down and make you slow down so why not do it voluntarily. Learning to prioritize tasks is something we can all benefit from. We may have a “to do” list and it just seems so overwhelming. So prioritize this list and now you can clearly see what is important and what can wait for another day. This helps us pace ourselves in a manner so that things go more smoothly. Staying relaxed and getting things done at the same time is our goal.
Relationships can be especially stressful, yet we grow so much through relationships. Family can be the most difficult to deal with at times. Unlike friends or lovers, we don’t choose our family. Setting boundaries and limiting expectations help tremendously in all relationships but is especially helpful with family. The most important thing to remember is that people will treat you the way you allow them to. Loving yourself will allow you to create more profound relationships and let go of relationships that don’t serve you. Managing and maintaining healthy relationships is an important part of our health and well being.
In addition, you can do lots of things to relax more. Take a moment and just sit and be quiet. Have a cup of tea. Take a bath. Smiling and laughing are probably most important. Studies have already shown how smiling and laughing increase the feel good hormone serotonin. The list of relaxation techniques is so long and it can be different for different people. For some it may be painting and for others dancing or fishing. I like cooking. Make time for what you enjoy. The most amazing thing you’ll find is that the more you do things to relax the more you stay in that space of relaxation. Soon you will start carrying a more relaxed energy about you and you will feel good more of the time. The more we all do this, the happier we’ll all be. Happy and healthy people make good choices and create wonderful lives for themselves.

Knowing Your Body Type

Understanding your body type will help so much if you are wanting to heal your body. WHY? Because now you know what you can and can’t do. You will understand that everyone is different and that their body’s can withstand different pressures and stress. You will understand your body limits and work in harmony with your body instead of against your body. There are four basic body types. Of these, only two body types are often be seen in clinic. The four body types are 1) Basic yang body type 2) Super yang body type 3) Basic yin body type and 4) Super yin body type. Let’s analyze these body types and help you understand which category you fall in.
Basic yang body types have a good sound physical structure. They generally tend to be men although women can have this body type as well. They have good, strong bones and good muscle tissue. These people don’t have much health problems generally. They tend to be pragmatic. They often can be in sales or something that involves money and money management. Because of their sound physical structure, they can also be involved in physical work like carpentry, mechanics, plumbing etc. Most basic yang body types wont even read this as they are generally healthy.
Super yang body types have an even stronger physical structure than the basic yang body type. They can often have very thick bones and strong muscle tissue. Men almost totally dominate this category. They can be tall or shorter and more stocky. They can have a redder complexion and rough skin. These men dominate the military and sports. They can also be CEO’s of companies. They can be very driven and ambitious. These guys hardly ever get sick and they can push their body’s to limits that most of us couldn’t even imagine. They were just born with strong body’s. However, because they don’t get sick, they don’t really know there limits and can push themselves too much. When they finally realize that they’ve pushed themselves way too far, it can sometimes be too late. These guys are the one’s that one day had a heart attack out of the blue although warning signs had been there for some time. These people can be easy to anger and sometimes not sensitive to others feelings. They can be aggressive and confident. Most super yang types wont read this because they are generally healthy majority of their life.
Basic yin body types are seen quite often in the clinic. They tend to be women although men can fall into this category. These people are often times more academically inclined. They have leaner body’s and thinner bones. They can be frail,pale and weak. They can have softer skin as well. They usually are involved in some type of development/consultant work. These people are usually more sensitive and can have chronic illness. If they push themselves too much (ie. overwork/stress), they can easily exhaust themselves or feel pain. They usually like routine and need to eat well, sleep well and have a good exercise regimen. Because their body’s are more sensitive, they should choose exercises that are more rejuvenating like Yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong. Too much aerobics or weight lifting could make their symptoms worse. They do need to build mass and muscle, but it should be done very gradually. These people can also be anxious, nervous or stressed out easily. It can also be difficult for them to say no to others and set boundaries. These people can be quite perceptive and intuitive. They don’t usually like physical work and can be lazy.
The last body type I’m going to speak upon is the super yin body type. This body type is almost exclusively women. This body type is more round. They tend to have slow metabolism and excess weight. They tend to get cold easily as well. These people are soft and more flabby. These people tend to be insecure. They should watch their diet and exercise regularly. Because of their lack of yang qi, it can be easy for them to get stuck in a job or relationship. It can also be difficult for them to set boundaries with others. Saying no can be an issue for them as well.
You may find that you fit one of these categories or that you are kind of a mix of two of these body types. Furthermore, body types can change as we get older. Diet, stress and exercise can have a strong impact on our body type. Now that you have an idea about what kind of body type you may have, you can see that we are all created different. Play with the cards that your dealt. I know many of my basic yin body type patients that want to do as much as a super yang body type, but they can’t! And it’s OK. You can build your physical strength gradually now that you understand this and still live a healthy life.

The 4 Elements and Your Health

Water, Fire, Air and Earth are known as the 4 elements and they are key to our health and well being. Many healers and philosphers have spoken about the importance of the four elements and their significance to health. Water is the great purifier. It’s nature is yin therefore it is cooling, mositening and nourishing for our body’s. The two most important things are 1) drinking enough water to stay hydrated and 2) drinking good quality water. Of course everyone has a different opinion about how much water is enough, but generally speaking the more dry you are, the more water you should drink. Dehydration can manifest through dry mouth, dry eyes, dry skin, constipation, decreased urine output and dark urination. Severe dehydration can manifest as low blood pressure, rapid heart beat and even delirium and unconsciousness. So drinking enough to make sure that you don’t have symptoms of dehydration will go a long ways. Generally, most people should try to consume about 64 oz of water per day. Good quality water can be hard to come by. Ideally, you want water that has been purified so that you are avoiding things like flouride and you want your water to be alkaline. For those with chronic inflammation, a water ionizer can be beneficial. A water ionizer can be especially good for those with chronic urinary infections.
Fire is yang by nature and strengthening, invigorating and supplementing for the body. The sun is our source of fire and getting adequate sun exposure will ensure good health. Sunshine promotes vitamin D in the body and vitamin D is vitally important for our immune system. So instead of taking vitamin D supplements spend time outside. The sun is more potent than any pill and it’s cheaper. I have come to find spending time outside and in the sun to be very enjoyable and creating a habit of doing that will go a long ways for your health. The infrared rays from the sun are also very beneficial for pain and skin disorders. Of course, too much of a good thing can be harmful and if your fair skinned is wiser to spend less time in the sun. Heliotherapy or sunbathing has been used for thousands of years as a cure to heal many ailments. Don’t miss out on getting your sunshine.
Breathing in good quality air is paramount to our health. Clean and pristine air will energize the body as well as detoxify it. That can be difficult in our modern polluted world, but there are things you can do to improve your air quality. The most simple thing to do is to live more close to nature and away from the city. City’s are often dirty and polluted and create a more inviting environment for bacteria/fungi etc. However, moving is not always an option and considering that most of us spend most of our times indoors, an air purifier can be of benefit. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, an air purifier can make all the difference in the world. Having plants in the house can also improve the air quality in your home.
The earth element relates most to our soil and therefore our quality of food. Good food is the foundation for proper growth, development and nourishment of the body. Most of us can’t control the quality of our soil, unless we garden that is, but we can support local farms and eat organic. Avoiding processed foods and eating REAL food will go a long to staying healthy. TV dinners and microwaved meals have absolutely no nutrition and should be avoided. Most of the food in the US are full herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and many other chemicals to make growing food more easy. It’s great for big Ag company’s but bad for you. This doesn’t include the antibiotics and hormones in our dairy and meat products. Eating whole foods and natural foods is vital to health. Eating healthy will is especially be important for those with digestive issues. If people simply drank enough good quality water, got adequate sun exposure, breathed clean air and ate farm fresh or organic food, many people would never even get sick. Nature, through the elements is a great healer. I encourage you take advantage of the healing properties that nature has to offer.


Exercise is vital to our health and well being. Our ancestors didn’t have to worry about this too much because their work was also exercise. Working the fields and growing food is definitely a form of exercise but today we have become much more domestic and industrious, especially here in the west. Many of us have jobs that don’t allow us to move physically the way we need to and we use cars to transport ourselves from one place to another. Now this lack of movement will cause our energy to become stagnant in our bodies. Now this stagnant energy, if not released, will not only affect you physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Not only will you not think as clearly, you will also tend to feel more tense and anxious which can then lead to melancholy or depression. It’s a vicious circle. So exercise is important in all aspects of our life. Now there are many forms of exercise and depending on your gender, body constitution, ailments and age, you should pick an appropriate exercise for yourself.
Now if you are younger and do not have any chronic disease, you have more energy and so running and playing sports is good. Young people have tons of energy and it needs to be released so letting them go out and play and expend all that energy is important. Even for the parent it’s good to make sure that your children get adequate exercise so that they can sleep better which means that you can have a little more time to relax or take naps.
However, if your body constitution is not that strong or if you have a chronic disease, picking a more moderate exercise is better. This also holds true for middle and senior aged people. Moderate exercises like tai chi, qi gong and yoga are strengthening to the body without causing all the wear and tear on your joints like running or weight lifting. Running and weight lifting should be done less and less as we get older so listen to your body and give up these exercises when your body tells you to.
I just want to write a little more about the benefits of tai chi chuan as I am a strong proponent for this exercise. Tai chi chuan, especially for the elderly, can be the most powerful exercise to maintaining health and well being. Studies have shown that elderly aged people have significantly less falls when practicing tai chi. This is probably due to the fact that tai chi strengthens your lower body and increases balance, flexibility and coordination. Studies have also shown tai chi decreases blood pressure. Furthermore, tai chi creates a meditative and calming affect on the mind and relieves stress. In addition, chronic pain, especially lower back pain, subsides for many when practicing tai chi. People often express having more energy, better sleep and a sense of over all well being when practicing tai chi. You won’t feel tired and exhausted after doing tai chi like so many exercises here in the west. Rather, you will feel strong and more grounded after practicing tai chi. Couple this with stretching or yoga and you will feel great. You should give yourself at least six weeks of practice to see some results. Once you see the benefits you won’t stop.
Another powerful exercise I have recently become quite fond of is Yi Quan(Da Cheng Chuan). It is a subtle, but powerful exercise. The founder of Yi Quan, Wang Xianzhai, stated that “slower movement is better than faster movement and no movement is better than slow movement”. Intuitively, this sounded right to me although I couldn’t articulate why if you asked me. Through practice, I have come to realize that Yi Quan, which is standing Qi Gong, strengthens and calms the body, mind and spirit. Wang Xianzhai philosophy was that “action originates in inaction and stillness is the mother of movement”. Yi Quan in its very root is Taoist. The health benefits Yi Quan are phenomenal. Obstructions which cause illness and disease are relieved with regular practice. Simultaneously, your body is getting stronger.
However, the most important thing is that you move. If you don’t like tai chi or yoga then try walking. Walking is a natural exercise that will help release tension and strengthen the body. Remember that in whatever exercise you choose to do, not to push yourself too much. Listen to your body. Many of us here in the west think more is better but if your body tells you to take it easy, please listen!

Sleep Better

Sleep is paramount in our health and well being. Many people have trouble sleeping and there are an estimated 60 million Americans with some type of sleep problem or insomnia. Modern medicine shows that during sleep, the production of growth hormone is at its peak. Growth hormone speeds the absorption of nutrients and amino acids into your cells and aids the healing of tissues throughout your body. The hormone also stimulates your bone marrow, where your immune system cells are born. Now I’m going to go over some things that you can do to ensure a better nights sleep. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we have the philosophy of yin and yang. Yang corresponds to the sun, daytime, masculinity, activity and movement. Yin corresponds to the moon, nighttime, femininity and rest. Now yin and yang must be in balance in order to function optimally. So this means that in order to ensure good energy and movement during the day (activity) one must have a good nights sleep during the night (rest). Likewise, in order to get a good night sleep one should be physically active during the day. This leads to the first and most important thing to help get a better night sleep which is

  1. Exercise. Too many of us have desk jobs that don’t allow us to move and so our physical energy is not being burned. Exercise helps burn out this energy and so it’s vital that we move. And when you add stress to the equation then the problem is compounded. The reason is because we produce hormones from our adrenals, when under stress, if not burned will cause us not to sleep well either. So movement and exercise are important to getting sleep.
  2. Don’t eat late at night. Eating before bed will cause our food not to digest easily causing gas, bloating, distension and just a general uncomfortableness when trying to sleep. Sometimes you can even get acid reflux. Whatever the case try eating at least about 4 hours before bed in order to sleep well. However, if you need a little snack that’s OK because trying to sleep when hungry can also be difficult. Just make sure the snack is easy on your digestion and not heavy. This leads into the next point.
  3. Eat a light and simple dinner. Our bodies ability to metabolize in the evening/night is not as good as it is during the day so eat a lighter and simpler meal in the evening. This means avoiding heavy, spicy, greasy and sweet foods especially. Of course you should avoid all stimulants like caffeine and nicotine before bed also. Although alcohol is a depressant, it’s effect is not lasting and it does not allow you to sleep deeply. Furthermore, alcohol creates a lot of heat in your body and your body will sleep better when its cooler.
  4. For many of us our minds will not stop thinking. We’re always thinking about what we have done, what we need to do and what we’re going to do. We are all so caught up getting somewhere or becoming someone that many of us don’t stop and smell the roses. So this is where writing can help so much. If you feel overwhelmed, or have a lot to do, then your mind will get caught in this cycle of trying to figure out what or how to fix the “problem”. So when this happens pull out pen and paper and write down your thoughts on the issue(s) or just make a simple “to do” list. You will be amazed how after writing it down on paper your mind will become quiet and you will sleep better.
  5. Keeping a comfortable temperature at night. Generally speaking keeping the temperature a little cooler will ensure a better night sleep. However, if your body is susceptible to the cold then be cautious of keeping the temperature too cool.
  6. Sleep more during winter and cooler months than summer and warmer months.
  7. Avoid watching stimulating TV.
  8. Avoid drinking lots of fluid before bed otherwise you will have to wake up to empty your bladder and that can disturb your sleep especially if your prone to sleep problems.
  9. Sleep in the dark. This will keep you in the proper circadian rhythm otherwise your body will not sleep as well because of the light hitting your pineal gland.
  10. Sleep with your head facing north. The earth’s electromagnetic filed is negative in the north and that negative/cool energy will calm the mind and allow for a better nights rest. This is because our upper body/head has a tendency toward heat and positive energy and that’s why people can experience excessive thinking and clenching of the teeth amongst other symptoms.
  11. Use a magnetic pillow. A magnetic pillow will have similar effects as your head facing north. The negative energy from the pillow will allow the mind to be more calm ensuring a good nights sleep. I also have found that magnetic pillows can help those that clench their teeth too much.
  12. There are times that someone can have sleep issues more due to a deficiency rather than due to the excess symptoms as mentioned above. For example, if someone is suffering from anemia/blood deficiency, that can really disturb sleeping habits. Building the blood through diet and herbs can be beneficial in this case.
  13. Finally, many people with sleeping problems tend to worry about not sleeping. This of course creates the very same stress that should be avoided to promote sleep. So don’t get in bed and turn off the lights trying to force yourself to sleep. It wont happen that way. Distract your mind so that you wont think about not sleeping. Have a routine like reading while drinking a cup of tea (chamomile) or warm milk. If you have trouble staying asleep, then you may have excess heat in your body and/or your nervous system is hyper active. Clearing heat and calming the nervous system can also be helped with Acupuncture and Herbs.

Chinese Medicine for Diabetes

Diabetes is on the rise not only here in the US, but all over the world. There are a couple of reasons why people crave sugar and sweets so much. If you have a better understanding of the roots of this disease, then you can improve or avoid this condition. This article is especially important for those with a family history of diabetes. We will also discuss the connection between Hypoglycemia and Diabetes in this article. Because sugar consumption increases serotonin levels and gives one a euphoric feeling, many people are simply addicted to it. Now that need for a sugar fix is often rooted in a stressful or unhappy lifestyle. Sometimes you can see how people seek sugar when their most unhappy or maybe you’ve seen a coworker or friend under stress crave a cake or cookie. This is because they are looking to get a sugar high. I have one patient that simply pushes herself too much. She is under enormous pressure from being a wife, mother and working. She uses sweets to cope with things and she describes sugar as giving her a temporary buzz in her crazy day. So we must conclude that one of the best ways to decrease our cravings for sugar is to live a more balanced life. This often means changing how we live. It means decreasing stress and that can mean changing jobs or getting out of bad relationships and these things can be difficult to do. It can also mean learning when enough is enough. For example, working 80 hrs/week is an overload on the body and puts it under extreme stress and fatigues the body as well. Many times, people seek a temporary energy boost with sugar in this case, which makes your pancreas shoot out high levels of insulin to counter the excess sugar in your bloodstream. This often leads to a crash and the need for more sugar. This a terrible viscous cycle that needs to be stopped otherwise high blood sugar will be inevitable.
Another reason that many people crave sugar is because of poor eating habits. This means not only watching what you eat, but also how you eat. If you are a person that likes to eat excessively seasoned food or spicy food, you may notice that you crave sugar after your meal. You may also notice that you crave sugar if your stomach is a little upset after eating too fast or eating too much in one sitting. The sweet flavor has a calming action on the stomach and that’s why people crave it. So in order to decrease the need for sugar you should eat slowly and don’t over eat. Avoid eating highly seasoned, spicy or oily foods. Anything that upsets your stomach will make you crave sugar so pay attention to your eating habits and find out what that is for you. Drinking excessive alcohol or smoking marijuana can also increase your cravings for sugar.
Low blood sugar or Hypoglycemia often times turns into Diabetes despite what many people may think. The connection between the two is intimate. Now people who have Hypoglycemia often times consume too much sugar to begin with. They may crave sugar for emotional comfort or due to improper eating as discussed above. Because they consume too much sugar, their pancreas releases a whole bunch of insulin to get rid of all the sugar in the blood. This causes them to crash after their sugar high. So once they get the symptoms of low blood sugar like trembling, dizzy, weakness or excessive hunger, they need more sugar which causes their pancreas to release insulin again and then they crash yet again. It’s a viscous cycle that’s never ending. Eventually, the pancreas becomes overloaded and that compromises the insulin output or the body’s ability to use the available insulin is decreased causing Diabetes.
Of course, if your in insulin shock or suffering from severe Hypoglycemia, consuming sugar is advised. However, long term lifestyle changes need to be made to improve your condition. Decrease stress, improve eating habits as advised above and exercise. Change to a more fats/protein based diet and stay away from sweets and simple sugars. As you make these changes your blood sugar will rebalance and your body will no longer be on this roller coaster ride of sugar highs and lows.
Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can be very beneficial in treating and preventing Diabetes. Of course, this works best with lifestyle change. Acupuncture and Herbs will take the edge off and help to relax the body decreasing sugar cravings and promote better sugar metabolism. Herbal Medicine also promotes sugar metabolism. These therapies are powerful along with lifestyle change to manage, treat and sometimes even cure Diabetes all together.

Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine for IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is defined as a motility disorder involving the small and large intestines associated with different degrees of abdominal pain, constipation, or diarrhea, largely as a reaction to stress in a susceptible individual. Pain can be triggered by eating and relieved with bowel movement. Bloating, flatulence, nausea, mucous in stools, feeling incomplete after a bowel movement, pain in the rectum and even bowel incontinence can be seen in some patients. The western medical treatment involves medication for constipation, diarrhea, pain or anxiety/stress. So drugs to promote bowel movements (ie. fiber) for constipation, drugs to decrease peristalsis/spams and finally antidepressants to treat nervousness, anxiety and other emotional disorders. Personally, most patients I see in the clinic are at least on antidepressants, if not a combination of antidepressants with something else. Unfortunately, western drugs can have lots of side effects and people are looking for alternatives.
I have seen how IBS can turn into IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). IBD involves severe inflammation of the bowels which can cause painful abdominal pain with cramping, diarrhea and bloody stools. So treating IBS early is to your advantage. Of course bad eating habits can affect your digestive system, but from my experience IBS is rooted in emotional disorders like stress, anxiety, depression. To eat properly follow this link on my site that will provide information on a diet that would be of benefit to you if you are suffering from IBS. After eating properly the best you can do is decrease stress. People are usually stressed about their health, work, finances or relationships. I had one patient who would work 80 hours a week and was wondering why she had IBS. Another was breaking up with her boyfriend and experienced IBS symptoms. Yet another would have problems before taking an exam. Obviously, their is a strong emotional component with IBS. In the old days, this would be called a nervous stomach. So addressing whatever stress exists in your life is vital if you wish to get better. If it’s your job, then start looking for another one. If it’s a relationship, then fix it or leave it. Ultimately, the only thing we can do is change a bad situation, accept it or move away from it. Anything else is insanity.
So in order to heal you must address any lifestyle issues that are perpetuating the condition. Now Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can be especially helpful in the healing of IBS. The mere fact that Acupuncture reduces stress and calms the nervous system will help anyone with IBS. Of course, treatment will be more beneficial with lifestyle changes like watching stress and diet. Acupuncture inn combination with Chinese Herbs can help to calm the nervous system and address diarrhea and/or constipation. The earlier one is treated, the better the chances of a full healing.

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine for Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

Chronic Fatigue (CF) and Fibromyalgia are two conditions I see in the clinic very often. These conditions can definitely be helped with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Reflexology as well as Tong Ren Therapy. CF and Fibro usually affects women and can be very debilitating. Usually if you ask the patient about their history, you will see that they have a history of overwork, over stress, over worry, just plain overwhelmed. They have a history of pushing their body’s to limits that they should not have pushed it.
You see when you constantly put your body under a lot stress or pressure, your body is staying sympathetic nervous mode (flight or fight). You are only suppose to be in this mode when you are in danger. For example, you would release a lot adrenaline and stress hormone when you are being attacked by a bear. In this case, you would either run (flight) for your life or fight for your life. However, many people are in sympathetic mode when they are at work typing behind the computer even when there is no eminent danger.
In order to heal you must be in parasympathetic mode (resting, digesting, healing). CF and Fibro can also be categorized under Adrenal Fatigue as the symptoms can generally be the same. When the adrenals are weak, it’s like your battery is weak. In order to heal, we must charge your batter. Healing your body form CF and Fibro takes time and you must be willing to make lifestyle changes. I always ask my patients to help me help you! I often give the analogy that a CF and Fibro patient is like a car on the highway going 100mph with an empty tank. The car needs to pull over, fill up the tank and get back on the highway and go like 55mph. Basically, you need to rest and pace yourself to restore your body to health. If any health care practitioner does not tell you this, do not see them. Most patients with CF and Fibro notice wonderful changes in their energy as well as reduced pain with treatment and lifestyle change.