Artificial Sweeteners – The Bad, the Bad and the Ugly (Video Included)

Artificial sweeteners, especially Aspartame are some of the worse things you could possibly consume. I don’t know how else to put it. It’s just bad for you! I’ll share a story with you from a patient of mine. She was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis many years ago before I met her. This is a condition where someone would have all the symptoms of a bladder infection like burning, pain and inability to void, but there would not actually be any type of pathogen/bacteria in the bladder/urinary tract. It’s basically a chronic inflammation with no particular reason. Antibiotics don’t help with this condition. So after suffering for more than 4 years with this condition, visiting many doctors offices and finally having to be catheterized for relief, her OBGYN asked her if she consumes diet soda. My patient said that she drank 3-5 diet sodas a day. Her OBGYN recommended she stop drinking diet sodas and stop artificial sweeteners in general and see what happens. So she stopped and ALL HER SYMPTOMS DISAPPEARED! Artificial sweeteners and especially Aspartame causes a lot of chronic inflammation as well as other disruptions in the body. After a long fought battle, the FDA finally approved the use of Aspartame. Since corporations run our country, this is not surprising. I don’t think anyone would disagree with this. So you must protect yourself from corporations and their friendly regulatory agencies and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!! Often times, regulatory agencies protect corporations and not the people. Check out some of the articles and video below. They contain information about the history of Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners and how they affect your body.


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